Q&A: I Want To Break Up With My Girlfriend, But I Don’t Have A Reason Why

Ryan, I've been dating my girlfriend for a little over a year and I have the sense that I want to break up. I feel like I'm a different person when she's not around—less stressed, more able to act out and be myself, more excited and natural when I'm with my friends. At the same time, the relationship is good. We deal with problems maturely, we're affectionate, and we're both in love with each other. Should I break up? And if I did, what would my reason be? Thanks, E.

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Q&A: I’m Dating Two Women And I Don’t Know Which To Choose

Ryan, I'm a man currently in separate relationships with two different women. I love both of them. Neither of them knows about each other and each would be devastated if they discovered that I was in another relationship. As a monogamous man, eventually I'll have to choose one of them to pursue long-term. Each woman has their pros and cons. How do I choose between them? Thanks, S.

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